Rain Day at Marais des Cygnes


Matt Moving the Decoys

Yesterday I was at Cabelas doing a little shopping when I ran into a fellow DU member Matt Ohlson as we were both looking at gloves. After a quick conversation plans were set for a hunt the following afternoon. We decided to meet up for an afternoon hunt since Matt had been having some really good success at the public waterfowl area in NE KS. With the afternoon off I was more than happy to go hunt MDC for the first time in several years.

We got to the marsh just after 1 pm and checked in at the station. Since it had been raining most of the morning we put on our rain gear and waders and we were off to our spot. For the weather there were a lot of guys in the marsh already when we hit the water. Matt had a spot in mind were has been having some great success landing large flocks of mallards that last day, and we were lucky enough to find our spot open with no one set up close to it. After a quick surveyed of the land we set out our decoys as ducks were working fairly steadily over the marsh. Only problem today was we were not even close to the X… we kept trying new things with the decoys over and over but nothing really seemed to work.

The last hour  luck changed and we did manage to scratch out a few drake mallards which Dakota was more than happy to fetch for us. One mallard was a nice 50 yard fetch and she even had a short chase to catch him.

All in all it was a great day. I have not hunted MDC in several years but I have a feeling it won’t be my last time this year.


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