A Crappie Break in the Weather…

I needed a break today from the waterfowl grind so I was lucky enough to be invited to join fellow outdoorsman Jeff Davis and his buddy Chris for a morning of Crappie fishing at Melvern.  I am going to be honest; we went downtown to the KSU vs Alabama Basketball game and got home about 1 am. When my alarm went off this morning I hard time not calling in sick… But I grinded on.

So with a great need for coffee, Jeff and Chris picked me up at 6:30 and after a quick stop we were on the water about 8 am. The plan today was to fish brush piles and breaks on the south side of the lake since by noon the wind was suppose to pick up to over 20  mph.

Nice Double Keeper

This time of year we can normally find crappie in or just off the edge of large brush piles in 15 to 23 ft of water. First drop of the day, bam a nice 11 inch crappie. Then the word of the day took over, grind… Over the next 4 hours that’s what we did; we grinded on the piles picking 5 to 10 fish per pile with about a 2 to 1 throw back to keeper ratio.  Not a bad day, not a great day but we still had a great time.

The hot color for today was hands down orange and chartreuse. The pattern of the day was simple, we would drop the jig all the way to the bottom real up one to two cranks and try and keep the jig as still as possible. That would produce most of the strikes early and then the natural motion of the trolling motor moving the boat around produced enough action the rest of the time. You really wanted to be as close to the bottom in the brush as much as you could without getting hung up… always fun! Final count today was about 25 keepers. Not a barn burner but a fun day and a nice break for the fowl.

Jeff and Chris with some Keepers

Two side items for today, first the sunrise was incredible this morning.  I hope you got up and enjoyed it like we did. Second, Chris pulled up a small limb from one of the trees we where fishing in about 17ft of water. We were very sad to see it had 20+ identifiable zebra mussels on it. It’s going to be very interesting to see what they do to this lake over the next few years.


Sun Rise over Spring Hill


Slab Slayer and The Cajan Cricket











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