Deer Season 2011… hot & windy.

Well with deer season just about over for the year, I have just about given up hope of killing a good one in 2011.  Every year I hunt Missouri and Kansas in hopes of shooting a monster.  This year’s Missouri season was plagued with warm weather and wind.  I hunted eight days of the 10 day rifle season and saw the fewest number of deer ever.  I was lucky enough to walk up on three does bedded down on the last day to put three in the freezer, but I still hold my $225 buck tag.  I also hunted the Kansas season without seeing anything worth shooting.  I would rather pass on 20 basket racks and hope they make it another year than just shooting to be shooting.  I hope the guy on the neighboring farm does the same…

My buddy always says deer tastes better than an unfilled paper tag, so this past weekend I told Nick I was going to forego chasing ducks and geese and went out with my muzzleloader in Missouri.  Well, it was the same song and dance Saturday and Sunday.  55-60 degrees = No deer movement.  I do the full gamut of preparations for scent control: washing/drying, hair/body soap, deodorant, sprays, etc so I feel like I am covered.  I have heard from other hunters that this year was particularly tough for deer movement.

On a side note, I went and picked up my deer from the taxidermist yesterday.  I am very pleased with how it turned out.  If anyone is interested in getting a deer mounted, check out Mike Kalcic at Wildlife Artworks in Smithville, MO.  He does an awesome job. 

I have been hunting deer for almost 20 years and was lucky enough to shoot a decent buck the past two.  These were my first two that went on the wall.  Hopefully they won’t be the last.

Kansas buck from 2009.








Missouri buck from 2010.








My buddy’s dad always says, “You can’t shoot a goodun every year.”  I agree, but I can at least say I tried.


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