Quick hittin the Crappie


Two Solid Keepers

The nice part about fishing a lake you have learned over the last 7 years is when you don’t have much time to fish, you don’t have to guess where the fish are. Today I got a phone call from Eric about 2 pm, Here is what I heard: hey, I am headed to HD this afternoon you want to join me. Me: well I won’t be home till about 3 and sunset is 5, not much time to get after them. Eric: well call me if you do get there.

So as planned I made it home about 3 pm, 15 minutes to change 15 minutes to drive over to the lake and 3 minutes for Eric to pick me up. Not bad so far and we were on the water and over a brush pile by 3:45. That gives us just over an hour of fishing before we head home, that’s doable right?  With a stiff south wind we opted to find a pile out of the wind as much as we could but it’s was 50 degrees out with a 20 mph south wind which made if feel like it was 30 out a little chillier than both of us thought it might be, but being outdoorsman we pushed on.

Quickly we started working jig’s just off the bottom right in the middle of the brush piles. Today the bite was a little slow, a cold front has been in the area and just received almost 2 inches of rain 2 days before so I guess we just can’t complain. Normally at HD we count the keeper to throw back ratio but today the size of fish was a little better, the keeper to throw back was 3 to 1 which at HD is not bad at all. Today, I decided to change up the count to a different ratio, Nick’s Keeper to Eric’s keepers, which produced an 11 to 3 ratio or almost 4 to 1. Not a bad day if I don’t say so myself… We caught our fish in 10 ft of water in brush right on the bottom. Again the Cajun Cricket (orange and chartreuse) was the magic color just like it was at Melvern a few days ago. A great way to spend an hour on a nice winter’s afternoon right before Christmas.

~ Nick

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