The End of 2011

Great Day

The last day of 2011 hunting season found me at a different pond that than the crew. They were having a great hunt without me so the pressure was on for me to keep pace with them. I have been waiting to hunt a roost pond that I have had permission on for the last few days and with the impending cold weather coming today was a good day to sneak away and get this pond broken in before ice out.

I was accompanied today by Jason Surface and Craig Athon. Our plan was to hunt a farm pond for both ducks and geese until about 10 today. After we got the decoys out and settle in to our hiding spots it didn’t take long for the first group of birds to start working our spread. Right after LST we had a group of about 20 Canada geese work from the east. They circled the pond two times and then banked to come in only to land short of the decoys in the middle of the pond. They did present us with 40 yard shots but I decided to let them settle in, which was a good thing. Within seconds of the geese landing, a group of 4 mallards crashed in, they made it all the way to the decoys… bad part there were 2 drakes and all three of us picked out the same drake. The other drake took a hard hit on the way out but made it safely away back to the hens but the skunk was off early. Within moments of the dogs settling back in to their hiding spots 4 more mallard circled once and came right in, this time the two drakes that came in stayed with us. Both Dakota and Jasmine (Jazzy) made nice fetches.

After that last group of ducks I am sad to say it was all geese. And I mean a lot of geese, I don’t think there was a 5 minute stretch until we limited at 8:20 where we didn’t have a group of birds in the air. Our first wave was a group of three big b 52’s that worked to the left of us and then just crashed in all the way to the decoys, they had no chance. All three of the birds landed with in 20 ft of Craig’s hiding place. Shortly after that volley we had a group of about 40 birds work in. 4 birds were out front and came right in to the decoys, all 4 landed on the backs either in the decoys or on the shore in the full body Big foot’s.

At this point in the morning we already had 7 of our 9 geese. So I threw out the idea of lets only shoot one bird per flock well as you can see in the videos below it took 3 groups…

Once we finally finished out our goose limit we decided to sit around the pond for a while to see if any more ducks worked in. Well as you can see by the below video, we had two geese land in the decoys and decide they wanted to hang out with our Big Foot Decoys which I have to say are just some of the best looking decoys for the money.

9 Geese 3 Drake Mallards great day in Kansas

Jason with a Full StrapThe Bounty




~ Nick

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