Just a Little Bouncing Fur.

I was trying to think last night of a way to trasnslate the feeling of pulling around a thicket and seeing fur bouncing in a set.  To a waterfowler it might be like a group of 100 green heads cupped and committed to a spread of decoys.  A deer hunter might get the same feeling upon seeing the glean off a rack of unknown size headed down the trail towards his stand.  Bottom line is it never gets old!!!  Last Monday I pulled up to a set that I had made over a deer carcus with a tricked out Montana Special #3.  ( I hope it doesn’t seem like too much of a shameless plug for me to hyper-link this stuff in these posts.  Rest assured I do not receive any compensation from the sites I link.  I like to show some of the tools I really enjoy using, feel free not to click and look if you don’t want to.)  It didn’t take long before that feeling hit me and I saw the fur bouncing on the end of the chain.

I hope I never catch enough cats that I tire of the feeling I get.  I certainly haven’t had enough ducks drop on me or deer head my way to tire of that feeling, thus I am thinking I may not soon tire of this feeling either.  So here’s the question, do I enjoy catching these beautiful animals because of their monotary value or is it the thrill of the catch?  Seeing value in what you have caught is great.  I still enjoy goose hunting and am thrilled when I fill my limit with big Canadas.  I guess that, in and of itself answers my question.  I have never seen a Canada Goose as something of great monotary value and I enjoy the heck out of limitng out.

I remade this set and found another surprise waiting for me on Wednesday.


Again my above question is answered.  I felt like a kid in a candy store when I saw this big male bouncing in the trap.  Catching a coyote in a foothold is an awesome feeling, a feeling that screams that you have definatley done something right.  An old trapping buddy of mine used to say cats for the money but coyotes for show.  That’s it, coyotes for show!!!!  After taking the time to skin, wash and dry this beautiful song dog, I was rewarded with a $7 payday.  The land owner was tickled as his chickens were just a little safer and I walked just a little taller, all day long.




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