January Antlerless Season

For most of Kansas this was the last weekend of the 2011-2012 deer season when any unfilled tag can be used to harvest a doe or “antlerless” deer.  This is also the one time of the year when this avid archery hunter exchanges his bow for a traditional rifle hunt.  So Saturday afternoon I headed back out to the deer stand for one final hunt.  The weather and wind were both favorable, setting the expectations high for some deer activity.  I didn’t quite expect to see the flurry of fleeing white tails flagging their departure a mere 50 yards from the truck.  Sure enough, I spooked a small group of them out, right in the direction of where I was headed.   I quickly scrapped Plan A and opted to try and circle the property on the downwind side and hope to sneak back in around them.  Forty-five minutes later I finally reached the backside of the draw they entered and started a quiet approach.  Step, step, watch, listen, repeat…  Surprised, I caught a quick glimpse of a tail flick and through the scope confirmed one of the deer still remained in the patch of eastern Kansas  hardwoods about 100 yards away.  As soon as the deer turned and offered a broadside shot my Remington .30-06 and 165 grain Winchester round took care of the rest. Not a bad way to end the season.  Now I’m looking forward to some tasty venison steaks, jerky, and the start of the 2012 bow season!

– Eric

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