The Lake Less Traveled


Nice Fish

In Kansas we may not be as blessed as some states with a fishing lake every 5 miles. But we do have some great fisheries with the waters we do have. If you follow our adventures one of the things you know about me is I love to try new fish spots. Sometime these ventures are successful; sometimes… well you see some cool sunsets.

Today’s adventure found me with only about an hour and half to fish. No time for a long trip south so I decided to try a small little community lake about 10 miles west of my house. This little lake was about a 15 minutes drive, so after changing clothes then after a quick stop off to the boat I was on the water about 3:45.

My first stop was about deep brush pile on a river channel in about 25 ft of water. This stop produced a few fish with a few that would have kept if I was keeping. The bite stalled shortly thereafter, so I decided to work over a few other piles in shallower water that I had located this summer. Each pile produced the same results, a few crappie with each pile giving up about the same bounty. With dusk closing I had a hunch, I decided to hit that deep pile one last time and man am I glad I did. The bite from 4:50 to 5:15 was nonstop… Drop it down and the second it hit the top of the pile you could bring up a fish and sometimes two!!! And the size was decent, most of the fish were in the 9 to 12 inch range. I could have easily kept 20+ in the few short minutes on that pile and many more on the day.  The pattern was very easy to fish today, I was using tandem jigs with a 1/8th ounce jig on the bottom and smaller 1/16th ounce jig on the top. The best color was again orange with a chartreuse tail which seems to be the color this year.  I have marked a few of my rods line with a sharpie showing 10, 15 and 20ft depths. Today, drop it to 20 twitch it once maybe twice and set the hook!

Daily Double

The best  part about this evening was I was the only boat on the lake the entire time I was there. There are so many small lakes in KS that get almost no pressure and produce some great fish. I may try and hit them again in the morning.

~ Nick

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