You never know what will happen

After a great time last evening and no work plans for the morning I couldn’t wait to get back out and see if the crappie were right where I left them. After sleeping in 20 minutes longer than I had planned I pulled up to the little community lake right at sunrise (temp was 24) and started to bundle up while the gentleman in front of me finished launching his boat… He was the only other guy on the lake so I was excited to hit the water and by hit the water I mean hit the water.  I backed my boat down to the water and went to un-winch the boat, crap… ice on the ramp, my 2 feet slip in the water and I almost end up on my butt in the water… what to do. Since the boat was already in the water I decided to stick it out and try to fish as long as my feet could take it. So as I took the boat off the trailer I come around the corner only to see a boat floating away with no one in it… OH NO!!! Very gladly I saw the gentleman who had just put in standing on the dock safe and dry, so as I drove by I just reached out and grabbed the front cleat of his boat and held on to it as I took it the 30+ yards back to the dock. He was very nice and thankful for helping out. I ended up being the only boat on the lake that day with him and he would have had a bad trying to get that back. Interesting start to the day and even better as the piles we both wanted to fish were about 20 yards away. I asked him if it was ok for the fish the one close to him and he was nice enough to let me slide over. We had a great time talking all day and he was a great guy.

The Pile

 Now on to the fishing report – I went back to the pile I had worked over the night before but the fish had left the building. Not all together though, I did manage to catch a good number but they bite was much more sporadic and grouped. You would go about 10 minutes and then catch 3 or 4 in a row as a school would get active or move in. Also there was no one color that they zoned in on.  It was just a fish here a fish there and then 3 in a row. I was dropping tandem jigs down to the top of the pile and letting them just slide across the top of the pile. I ended the day catching about 50 fish and for the first time in a long-time I kept 15 for the grease. The biggest fish measured just under 13 inches and most where around 11 to 10 inches.

15 fish, top one is just under 13"


Since I don’t keep fish for myself very often I just had the hankering for some fresh cold water slabs!

 Here they are all cleaned up and ready to go.

 The final product was a light coating of Cajun Injector’s Lemon Pepper seasoning with a light sprinkling of Toni’s Chachere’s Creole seasoning.

 A cold day but once the sun came up it was a great morning on the water.

~ Nick


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