We fought the wind….

While Nick was exploring Glen Elder this weekend, Jeff, Adam, and I decided to go 15 rounds with the wind on Sunday at Hillsdale.  The forecast was accurate with high winds gusting from 25-35 mph all day.  There were only a handful of protected areas on the lake that offered both the right depths and structure for the fish, so we really got a chance to explore some new areas previously un-fished by us.  The best pattern that we could identify was brush or trees in 20-30 feet of water.  Red or Orange & Chartreuse plastic jig bodies produced the best, fished on a heavy ¼ or 3/8 oz jig head.  The extra weight was needed to get the jig down deep enough and quick enough since the boat was moving around quite a bit.   Each new spot we discovered offered up a fish or two.

Jeff's early morning catch

.  The hard part was trying to stay over the spot; the gusting and swirling wind just made it flat out hard to fish!  Overall, I think we held our own against the mighty south wind; might even call it a draw.  We ended up with two limits of crappie between the three of us, a half dozen huge white bass, and a day spent with good company.          – Eric

One of our two 12-13" crappie from a newly discovered spot.


Adam boating one of many today...

Fishing through & around the early morning ice.

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