Day 2 at Waconda

Jason Day 2

Today (Sunday) the wind was predicted to pick up out of the south by mid morning and anyone who fishes Kansas knows you don’t want to be on a western Kansas lake and get caught on the wrong side of the lake when it starts blowing. So this morning Jason and I had a plan, that plan was to drive around the lake to a small ramp on the NW corner of the lake so when the predicted south wind picks up we would be safe and could stay out as long as we felt like it.  This was going to ad 20 minutes to the trip but I should be well worth the extra time on the lake.

We left Glasco around 6:30 and made if over to the lake just after 7. As we were going around the lake we across a wreck just off the road where someone in a white truck had missed a turn at a high rate of speed and hit a telephone pole head on. Sobering reminder of what can happen, I hope that person in the truck was ok but it made of say a quick prayer for whoever that was. On ward we kept going to Cawker City KS and then headed south across the causeway. About 15 minutes later we pulled up to the ramp to see 100+ yards of ice that my boat was not going to break. So back to plan B, we went to the ramp we started out of yesterday. We decided we would just fish till the wind blew us off our spot and then go looking for new places again.

After an hour of joy riding we did make it back on the lake and were back looking for fish on the break by 8 am. Just like yesterday we went out to the channel break and found our fish. The top of the break was in 29 foot and dropped right off in to 33 ft. It didn’t take long to figure out that you wanted to take your jigs up to the top of the break and then let the wind slowly drift you back into the deeper water off the break. The fish were waiting for us just after the jig fell off the ledge. Many times you feel a light thump or just weight.  Again, they were in the same neutral position on the down edge of the break and not on the top edge actively feeding. Let the grind begin!!!

Full Livewell

We fished the break for about an hour before the wind picked up enough that we had to move on to more protected waters. We spent the next two hours fishing several spots were we marked good fish but no a bump one… At that point Jason noticed the wind had relaxed some and had changed direction to ssw instead of the sse that we had earlier. This meant we might be able to get back on a protected edge of the break, sure enough we could and to our surprise the wind gradually relaxed even more too almost nothing by the time we left at 3 pm. We worked the break up and down, deep and shallow. As the day went on the fish pulled off the break and stuck right to the bottom in 33ft.  One major thing we noticed this weekend was every fish we hooked was in the outer lip, we had one fish out of 100 that the jig was in their throat. This mean they were just nipping at it not attacking it, slow slow bite…  

This weekend I would say that I got Jason on overall number of crappie boated but he kicked my tail in other species. Jason boated 3 nice 20+ inch walleye that ranged from 3 to 4 lbs, all of which went back into the water to fight another day. The two fish I had to talk Jason out of keeping where the pair of 25 lb buffalo carp he caught. The first one came up fairly easy but the second one after the hook was set peeled off 30+ yards of line on a run straight away from the boat. That was fun to watch.

At the end of the day we had 39 keepers over 12 inches, again with no kicker fish. Red and chartreuse was the color today but gain there was no real hot color.

Day 2


Nice 14 1/2


Some big Clean Up

Once back home we cleaned the fish up and said our goodbyes to Donna and thanked her for one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Overall, we cleaned about 80 crappie over 12 inches and turned back several smaller fish. Even though we didn’t get our 16+ inch fish, we had a great weekend in North Central Kansas.

~ Nick

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