The Pursuit of Possum

So I spend a lot if time in the woods along creeks and in open pasture in the pursuit of spotted cats and song dogs.  I have become an expert in one thing during this pursuit.  I am an expert in trapping opossum or grinners as we like to call them.  During the past 5 years I can put my grinner total to around 400.  That’s right I have caught over 400 possum in the past 5 years and haven’t even made a set to catch one.

Now you know as well as I do that I can spin this in a lot of different directions.    So here goes:  I have spent the last five years in search of the elusive silver ground grinner.  Many nights I have developed sets that target only these beautiful bald tailed trotters.

Oh forget it none of you would buy that non-sense anyway.  The question becomes when you catch one what does one do?  Now many of my friends and trapping partners give me grief about keeping these and taking the time to skin them.  In order to avoid mounting the soap box again I will just say if your gonna catch em you outghta use em.

I say invest in a quality skinning knife that holds a good edge.  My blade of choice is a Browning Skinning knife that can be purchased for a small fee at many different stores.  Then just get after it.  I am including a video of the skinning process for grinners.  After a bit of practice you should be able to skin one in about 2 minutes.  My buyer will give about a buck a piece for them but if you scrape them you could double your money.


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