Bobcats a Plenty

This week has helped me considerably in making my bobcat goal for the year.  My goal was to catch 10 cats this season and decided I would not even start making sets for them until Christmas.  Things have been fairly slow up until this week anyway.  I caught cat #4 on Sunday the 8th, cat #5 on the 10th cat #6 on the 14th and cat #7 on the 15th.

Now I should clarify.  I bobcat trap a lot like I fish.  I know this may sound funny but many people don’t think about a size limit when it comes to trapping. Trapping cats can be lucrative if the cat is large enough and the belly is clear.  When I say clear I am referring to the color, pure white with lots of spots is what your looking for.  Thing is I love out smarting any critter I am targeting, that’s half the fun.  It also seems that taking home a check for enough money to purchase a new ar-15 is also fun.  So when it comes to the spotted cat I release those that will not bring a good price in hopes that they grow and reproduce and grace my traps with their presence again.  These catch and release cats still in my mind count towards my season goal.  My wife may disagree with the assertion that catching ones quarry is just as good as catching and selling but hey we can’t agree on everything right?

Release of a feisty cat can be a bit tricky but my trusty catch pole has become my best friend when release is necessary.   I like the baton type of catch pole because it fits neatly behind my seat and gets me far enough into the catch circle to get my heart beating.

I thought I would share a video of a cranky little female that was introduced to the nose of my camera and then the release pole.  I will catch her again next year as her curiosity will get the best of her again and she will be big enough to justify harvest.  Hope you enjoy.


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