Hunting the Kansas River

This morning I was lucky enough to get an invite to go hunt the Kansas River in NE Kansas with my good friend Jason Surface, a buddy of his Jeff and a friend of mine Doug Boyt. Jason and Jeff had put several hundred geese to bed on a sand bar on some property that they have permission on, so we decided to go give it a shot this morning.

It was cold this morning (as the pictures of ice covered dog will attest) with a low of 13. The game plan was to set up the decoys on a sand bar just off of the shore line and have the birds land in the decoys between us the sand bar. Sounds good right, well it took us a while to get the exact mix of and set up just the way the birds liked it. To make matters harder we had a bit of a cross wind but after moving the decoys around several time we figured out what they want and they just slammed right in.

Also today we were very selective, more than once we had bird land just on the outside edge of the decoys just out of good shot range. As a bonus, the best part of the morning happened about 9 am. We had a group of geese make several passes work our decoys, but every time they made a pass a new group of birds would join them. At one point we had 200+ birds circling our decoys with small groups breaking off and land right in the middle of the spread. These birds would have been easy shots but it was just too much fun to watch them work us. We didn’t fire a shot but the price of admission was well worth the cost.

We did end up with our 4 man limit and I don’t think there was a 5 minutes stretch this morning we didn’t have birds to call at. What a great day for duck to open back up. Final count, 12 geese and 2 mallards.  



As a suprise today, we had the game warden go flying by in an air boat. Now I have never seen this but the amount of ice he was going over in the river would of made me give it a thought! Glad to see them out there although we didn’t get checked…

~ Nick



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