Hunting the Kansas River in a 40 MPH WIND


Sunday Morning found us looking for a repeat of yesterday’s great hunt. But as it always is in Kansas Mother Nature has the final say. Overnight a warm front had passed through raising the temperature from 22 when I went to bed to 41 when we pulled up to the river before the sun had come up. Not to mention the 40 mph south wind blowing right into our face. Jason said it best that to get geese to try and work in to the decoys today was just arrogant. But it was worth the try.

We set up the decoys farther down river in hopes that we would get just a little west into the wind. This would help us enough to get the birds to swing out over a large sand bar and come right into the decoys. With a straight south wind the birds had to come in down over a 60ft wall of trees. As we figured, we had a lot of birds give us a good look but man; they just couldn’t finish down into the decoys. The wind we even blowing so strong that the ones that did try to cut the wind almost got blown over backwards or pushed straight back up in the air. Needless to say we only finished with 4 birds. Not a bad hall but still we could have done better.

Again, another great day out doors.

~ Nick

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