5 out of 5 stars

When looking at the weather forecast for February 1st you really don’t expect to see 60 degrees but in fact that is what Accuweather was calling for, 60 degrees and light winds. Warm weather this time of years is almost always accompanied with some type of ferocious south wind.  I called Eric and mentioned the weather forecast and we both agreed a serious illness was setting in and not sure how we could possibly make it in to work the next day!  Well, we both had too many things to wrap up at work to call in sick, but we did get out a little early to take advantage of this ‘spring’ weather.  With our last few outings being less than stellar we hoped Melvern lake would be our best bet for breaking our recent slump.  As you might imagine the parking lot was full of trucks with boat trailers.  Looks like we were not the only ones to see the forecast.  As we launched the boat we noticed several large crappie carcasses in the water next to the cleaning station left by some successful morning anglers and wondered if this was going to be a good sign of what the trip would bring?

We started fishing a few brush piles on the south end of the lake without much success. The bite was slow to say the least and to make matters worse we were watching boats moving all over the lake. Apparently we were not the only ones having trouble locating them.  We began to worry a bit that our slump might continue.  Light winds can make the conditions for fishing more comfortable but does not necessarily improve the catching.

Eric suggested a move so we went in search of piles on the north side of the lake. We mark our 1stpile on the north end with the bright red marker and quickly had our poles in position. Wham!!! Fish on!

One of Jeff's many Melvern Slabs!

The pile we saw was small but had a large school of suspended crappie around it. We picked up a few fish and moved further north in the lake. We found schools of crappie in several different locations.  For the most part we fished our jigs 10’-15’ down with the best bite around 12’ in water depths of 18-20 feet.  A little trick that would trigger the fish to bite was to get your jigs down in front of the fish and slowly raise your rod.  Sometimes they would strike with your jig rising all the way up to a depth of 4’.  Hot jig color early was black and chart but later I switched to white and chart while Eric  was doing well with blue and chart.  We ended the day with a 2 man limit of quality Melvern fish ranging up to 14” in size. With the water temperature ~ 36 degrees it is hard to believe these fish are so fat and full of shad.

A bucket full of nice slabs.

Eric got lucky with this 14″ crappie.

For any given year there are only a handful of days as beautiful as today and thankfully we were able to get out and enjoy part of it. Thanks Eric for a great day. It was a 5 star day for sure!


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