Nothing Else to Do on a Saturday Afternoon

What to do on a windy Saturday afternoon in Kansas? I know, let’s go Crappie Fishing! How many times in your life do you say that? Well we say it about everyone other weekend if you haven’t noticed and why should a 50 degree Saturday in February be any different.

As it’s is many times Eric, Jeff and I decided to head out to Melvern this afternoon to try our luck on the wily crappie. Reports have been on the tough side of things and with a building wind out of the south we didn’t know how the day would turn out. But Jeff and I picked up Eric and headed south making to Melvern about 2:30 in the afternoon.

When we pulled up to the ramp we found a boat on several of the good piles out of the wind so we quickly decided to turn today in to an exploration day. Now as many of you know we pride ourselves on keeping our family freezers full, so fish needed be found mind you but the satisfaction of finding new fish can sometimes be just as good. The plan of attack was simple; Jeff has some great electronics on his boat. He has the Humminbird 798ci HD SI combo which allows you to slowly go down the shoreline or along breaks using the side imaging to look for fish and brush piles. So after about 10 minutes of searching we found a nice group of trees along a rock ledge that none of us had previously known about.  After a closer inspection, we found 3 different groups of trees all close together with what look like fish on it. Game on!!!

So finally it was time to fish and before we had the trolling in place Eric was fighting this bad boy.


Not what we were expecting but the next hour produced a great mix of smallmouth‘s and crappie coming within feet of each other at the same time off the same piles.

The size of the crappie on this pile was also pleasantly surprising.

 The bite didn’t last terribly long here so once we had gone 15 minutes without a bite we headed out in search of new piles. Not having any luck finding anything we ended the day on a pile we all knew very well, but with only 10 minutes of light left we managed finish the night on a high note with several more keepers making into the live well. All in all not a great day for huge numbers of fish but still a good number of keepers and great day on the water.













On a sad note we did pull a branch out of the brush pile that was in 25ft of water, can you see all the Zebra Mussels on it? Won’t be put a year or two and these brush piles will be all choke with them and you won’t be able to fish them.


On a more positive note, none of us had been to the Williamsburg KS BBQ join before. These meant a pit stop was needed on the way home and I have to say the ribs where worth the stop.

~ Nick

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