Playing the wind

I woke up this morning with every intention of going snow goose hunting up at one of my Atchison ponds but one quick look at the radar showed snow falling all morning and not quitting until noon. Do I really want to drive an hour and a half in the snow to go sit by a pond I have not had time to scout in the snow? Snooze BAR!!!

So I did the right thing and worked all morning. The one thing I did do is keep an eye on the forecasted wind, which called for North winds of 22+ once the snow stopped but relaxing every hour all the way to calm at sunset. If you live in KS you know that evening the wind howls all day long it has a tendency to lie all the way down to calm in the evening on the back side of a cold front. What that means to me is simple: no one will be fishing all day and I can sneak out and have the lake to myself around 4. So, after the markets closed at 3 I put my plan into motion. I stopped by and picked up my boat and headed to Hillsdale getting there just in time to see the wind lying down to a very fishable level.

So I cruised over several brush piles looking to see if there where fish on them and yes every pile I looked at had fish. I stopped on the first one and started pulling fish on a steady basis. As the afternoon went on the bite only got better and the best part was I had the entire lake to myself!!!

Here is a picture of the brush pile with only a few fish on it.


Here is the same pile when the fish moved in. You can see the solid lines higher in the water column show fish suspended on the pile.  And every pile had fish.



At the end of the day it was a great evening on the lake. The size of the crappie tonight was not great, I caught 60 to 70 fish but I don’t think I had more than 15 keepers. (I didn’t keep any) This was still a great night at 50 degrees, no wind and the entire lake to myself.

~ Nick

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