Up Early

This morning felt like opening day of pheasant season, I can’t lie; the plan for today had me excited for sure. When the alarm went off at 5:30 this morning I was up and out of bed with no hesitation. Early yes, but I had a long drive ahead of me and I wanted to get a jump on it. The plan was to meet Crappie Chatt Martin this morning at a new lake I have never fished before, Kirwin Reservoir in North Central Kansas. Chatt and I had a plan to meet at noon at the north ramp, so I wanted to there on time.


Once the coffee was in the thermos and Dakota was loaded I was out the door 10 minutes early! Then the fun begins, about 6:20 as I was pulling into Baldwin KS I saw a quick blur of fur, too late. I hit a deer at 65 mph dead center on the truck. Crap… Now you start questioning yourself and timing is everything. What if I would have slept in 10 minute or just hit the snooze bar once, what if. No time to fret, I had to scrap that plan. I called Chatt and he understood and quickly he had a backup plan. Also, a quick thanks to all of my friend who checked on me and offered to come help but I limped the truck and boat back to Spring Hill. My awesome, understand (and very attractive) wife was nice enough to allow me to make a change of plans and “barrow” her Jeep. With the slight delay I had to scrap the idea of fishing Kirwin, but I can still make it Glen Elder by 3.

On to the report. All week the weather man has been saying how the wind on Friday was suppose to be around 10 mph. When I pulled up to the state park to buy a vehicle permit for my wife’s Jeep I notice the wind. The clerk and I compared notes since she had heard the same weather prediction and sure enough it was blowing 20+. Really? 20 miles back to the east the flags were not moving but at the ramp 3 ft rollers, I guess I should have seen that coming.

At this point I am really starting to second guess myself, but against my better judgment I hoped in the boat and bounced across the lake to the south bluffs hoping to find some fish out of the wind. Well, the first 2 spots I graphed where empty not a mark on the Hummingbird. I went to a new spot I had never fished and found a few marks. So quickly I deployed the marker buoy and drop my jigs down, thump a nice 11 and a big smile on my face. After an hour of the wind steadily growing and the bite only being modest (about 15 keepers) I opted to move up the brush pile out of the wind to save some battery. I pulled up to the brush in 29ft and dropped a jig down, thump right away, fish on! I thought I was going to smack’em but after 5 more fish the bite dies all together.

At that point I got the best news of the day, my dad called and he wanted to sneak out early and join me for the evening bite. Heck ya, so I head back to the ramp to pick him up and what do you know, I ran to some of the Crappie.com guys. After a quick hello my dad showed up and off we went in search of slabs. Only problem was by this time the wind had picked up a little more making staying on the fish even more challenging. We really spent more time over the next few hours  searching for tomorrow’s fish rather than fishing but we did manage to catch a few more including a nice pair of 14+ inchers. As a quick side note the water temperature has gone up from 33 degrees 3 weeks ago to 43 to 45 degrees. The fish are starting to scatter for the spawn and I did not find a big school all day only small pods.


A great ending to a tough day!


~ Nick

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