Family Day


There are not many times in your adult life when you get to spend the day on the lake with both your parents. I was lucky enough to do just such the thing this Saturday morning. My incredible Mom was crazy enough to agree to brave the cold and join us on the lake for a morning of fishing. We woke up early knowing that by noon the wind would build to an unmanageable level and head back the Glen Elder in search of the elusive slab. What a beautiful it was when we left my Aunt Donna house in Glasco KS (her story to follow) it was a perfect morning, no wind and 33 degrees but 20 miles west and 30 minutes later when we pulled up to the ramp it was 29 degrees and a steady 15 mph wind. LOL, I guess I should have seen that coming.

I looked at my mom an asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this, she said heck ya. Off we went, into 3 ft rollers at 29 degrees at sunrise. First boat on the lake but where to go, I know OUT OF THE WIND! I had kind of planned on looking at a few breaks on the main lake before the wind would eventually come up but that plan was quick scrapped. I head to a spot I had marked the day before and started using my Hummingbird down imaging to see if we could get lucky. Holly cow, what the heck is that, not a big school of fish but a good number of them right on the break sucked to the bottom! The miracle school of slabs.  

 Quickly we position our boat and markers so we could work into the building wind along the break. I had mom rigged up and out first and guess what, before I could get my rods in the fish on! That’s right mom had one in the live well before I had one in the water.

 Unfortunately the bite never really hot all morning but we grinded on them until about 10:30 when the wind blew us off the lake. Mom and dad both boat 14 to 15 inch fish and we ended up with 32 for the grease, and most importantly I think we had a few memories none of us will ever forget.  

A Bonus Flat Head


Now as they say “the rest of the story”. As the legend grows trip by trip, my Aunt Donna has quickly built a loyal following as she is one of the finest cooks in central Kansas. So what outdoorsman post wouldn’t be completed without the culinary styling that make centralKansashome for so many of us? The lost art, FRIED CHICKEN with mash potatoes and gravy! Yes gentlemen she is currently single and that is one hell of a way to end a great day.


Thanks to my family for a great weekend.


~ Nick


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