Crappie shallow already?

I was out at the local rez today testing some new marine products.  I decided to throw in a rod or two just in case.  The wind had been brutal all day: 25mph with gusts of 35+.  Definitely not a day to be out fishing.  Around 6 the wind laid a little and we got done testing, so we pulled out the rods.  We marked tons of fish out in 25-30 ft of water, but they had lockjaw.  We decided to try up a little shallower and caught a few in 15-19ft.  We accidentally got in too close on one pass and caught three fish in a row.  I looked down and it was only 3ft deep!  We proceeded to put it on them for the next hour.  Most fish were caught around 5ft deep and they were really thumpin it.  I am now a firm believer in the new glow tubes from Capps and Coleman.  We started with four jigs out: three slab busters and one glow tube.  Before long we had only glow tubes and I bet they caught 90% of the fish.

Water temp has come up 4 degrees since last Friday.  46 deg Friday, 50 deg today.  Fish will be on the move soon and we will be there…


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