Lake Oz and the Dominant Snow Goose

After being out of town for almost a month for work, my wife and I decided to head to my parent’s lake house on Lake of the Ozarks for a get away weekend.  The weather looked great with a high of 70 and South winds 5-10 on Saturday.  Wifey let me get out early on Saturday morning, so I started below Truman dam in the slack water.  I have had good luck there in the past and I heard that people were catching good numbers of crappie and some walleye.  The walleye make a run up to this area each year to spawn and water temps were getting right.  I got on the water about 7:30AM and it was still pretty chilly.  There were about 10 boats there when I got there, so I was excited.  I fished for about an hour and did not see one fish caught.  I decided to load out and run up to Truman to hit some of the brush piles that I knew of.  After an hour on Truman and three piles later I still had not put a fish in the boat.






I decided to run back home to pick up wifey, eat lunch, and we would head back below Truman.  It was an amazing day with temps exceeding the expected highs for the day.  I stopped and picked up two dozen minners to help our odds.  There were now 40 boats in the slack water below the dam.  I talked to a couple guys and heard “man, you should have been here yesterday”.  Well, we fished for another two hours and I had now seen four total fish caught.  One of them was in our boat and was the thinnest 8” crappie I had ever seen.   I was spider rigging 8 rods and wifey was holding one.  I was marking fish everywhere, but they had the worse case of lockjaw ever.  We decided to call it a day and headed home.


Something else that was especially cool from Saturday was we had a Canada goose and what looked like a snow goose that had paired up.  We saw them together multiple times Saturday and Sunday.  The snow goose was the dominant bird because it continually was all over the lesser dominant Canada goose.  There was another Canada goose that had been following them around that the snow goose ran off several times.  I have never seen or heard of a snow goose and Canada goose mating or even getting along for that matter.


Sunday was forecasted for rain all day.  Around noon, the rain was off and on, but I was itching to get some fishing in.  I still had my minners, so I thought I would figure something out.  Lake of the Ozarks is around 6 feet low right now and our cove is 8-10 feet at full pool.  Thus, there was only 2-4 feet of water left.  Most of the docks were sitting on dry ground.  I decided to borrow my neighbor’s paddle boat and headed across to the deeper side of the cove, which was still only 2-4 feet.  I rigged up a short rod with a slip float set 12-18” deep.  The first pitch up next to one of the dock floats yielded a keeper crappie.  Over the next two hours I flat wore them out.  It was an absolute blast seeing that slip float going under.  I got rained on pretty much the whole time, but it was worth it.  I even caught three largemouth bass with the biggest around 4 pounds.  I have read articles and have seen a few shows where guys like fishing docks, but have never had success.  I would have never believed those crappie would be in less than four feet of water in 46 degree water.  No pics since I didn’t keep any, but what a day.


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