Texas with the G3 Sportsman

Last week I had the opportunity to join Scott Turnage from the G3 Sportsman for a trip to Texas to shoot three or four shows.  When he called on the Thursday prior and asked there was no way I could say no.  I had to find a way.  What an opportunity this was.  Scott, Aric (the director and videographer), and I drove down on Sunday to Southeast Texas.  We stayed at the Tejas lodge on the banks of Sam Rayburn reservoir.  The Tejas lodge is operated by “Uncle Bill” Fondren, who was also our guide for the week.  He and his wife, Jan, are the epitome of southern hospitality.  Great people, great food, and great times.



I won’t give all of the details since I don’t want to spoil the upcoming G3 Sportsman shows, but we had a blast fishing.  We fished for crappie, white bass, crappie, Large mouth, and crappie.  I love crappie, especially slab crappie. 

When pursuing crappie, the water temp was 62 degrees in the shallow coves we visited on Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend.  The water was 2-6 feet deep with hydrilla throughout.  We casted roadrunners with Stanley jigs wedgetail minnows.  It was a blast.  We caught 100% black crappie and 90% of them were males.  They were black as coal.  As the week wore on, the number of females started to increase showing that they were getting ready to spawn.  Day one was probably my favorite day because the crappie fishing was on fire.  I was in a boat with the bass fishing legend, Lonnie Stanley, of Stanley jigs.  We loaded the livewell with big slab crappie.  I think we actually put it on Scott and Uncle Bill since we had more in the livewell.  Our job was to constantly move around and find fish so we could alert Scott and Uncle Bill of where they were.  Luckily we were successful and they shot some great footage.  We didn’t catch one short fish the whole day.

Day two consisted of us going way up the Angelina River that feeds Sam Rayburn to chase white bass.  The water is way down on Sam Rayburn, so the river was only about 15 feet wide most of the time.  The depth ranged from 2 feet to 5 feet deep, and I was sceptical there would even be fish in that area.  Uncle Bill didn’t disappoint.  We caught the fire out of white bass all day. 


The highlight of the week was getting to know the G3 Sportsman team and prostaff: Scott, Uncle Bill, Lonnie, and Aric.  They are all great people.  I have been watching the G3 Sportsman TV show for years and it has become my favorite show.  It was very interesting to go from seeing the show on TV as a regular consumer to see how the show comes together from a boat 100 feet away.  I can’t believe that Scott and Aric put that show together with just two guys.  I’m sure other shows have directors, producers, editors, etc.  Scott and Aric do it all themselves and do an amazing job. 


Keep an eye out for these shows in the coming year.  You might see a Kansas Outdoorsman in the background.


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