Eureka!!! It’s Saturday


We woke up early this morning and headed back down to the dock hoping for better results than last night. After an hour of watching an awesome KS sunrise and only one short crappie it was time for a change of pace. That change of pace was little gem of a city lake in SE Kansas called Eureka City lake.

 We have fished Eureka several times in the past always finding lot of crappie and with the wind projected to be 30+ with gusts over 40 we knew we could find lot of fish out of the wind. So we loaded up the boat and took a 30 minute drive to our destination. Quickly we launched the boat and where off looking for fish on the Hummingbird and it didn’t take long to find what we were looking for as this lake is loaded with fish.  Within 20 yards of the ramp we found fish stacked everywhere from 10 to 30 ft of water, it’s on!

 One thing about Eureka in the past is the variable size of fish. To be honest most of the fish in Eureka are in the 3 to 6 inch range with one out of every 10 is a keeper, but it has some thumping good ones at that. Everyone in the boat caught at least one fish over 13 inches with 3 going over 14. We used minnows and jigs today. The main meathod of fish was using rods with heavy weights on them suspending two minnows down anywhere from 10 feet all the way to the bottom. Our bigger fish all come right off the bottom. The minnow bite was much better than the jig bite so the preffered meathod of the day was minnow rigging suspended crappie. The water temprature was 56 on Eureka today. Not a bad plan B with all the wind.


As an added bonus we all had a good feeling that with the wind blowing so hard onto the north shore that some of the plentiful wipers in this lake might be stacking up on the windblown northern shore line. We opted to re-rig a few of the rods and make a few quick passes along a shallow break to see what there was and it’s didn’t take long for our efforts to produce some action. We quickly boated several 1 to 2 lb wipers and boy can they fight.  All I can say is it’s amazing how many over looked fishing places there are in Kansas we drive right by to fish the bigger lakes. What a great day on the water out of the wind when many wouldn’t dare venture out.

 Now the real story begins:

 If you follow this website you know that one of the most important parts of any outdoorsman’s trip is the nightly feast. Today was St. Patrick’s Day so of course we had to do something fun for dinner. Lucky for us Tri-corners Bait and Tackle at Fall River was having a party that night. Those of us from Kansas know that anyone who walks into a local bar knows that all eyes are on them, and as usual Outdoorman fashion we aim to please. I will say that we were good boys and did nothing other than enjoy the wonderful burgers that were made for us.

 The main entertainment for the night revolved around Jeff and Matt. Jeff made the statement that he would have no problem eating fresh fillet crappie just like sushi and all he needed was soy sauce. Well, Eric quickly brought up the fact that we some 3 hour old crappie in the truck. Jeff then mentioned that well if you find some soy sauce I will do it. Well… the owner of Tri Corners quick became interested in our little conversation and found us a bottle. Let’s just say Jeff would have lost a lot of money on beating if we could come up with a bottle nor was he expecting it to show up.  To Jeff’s credit he held up his end of the deal as did Matt. Heck I even tried a little taste.

  ~ Nick

PS: Just a little add on Eric and I defended our title as the raining Outdoorsman Pitch Champions!


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