Oklahoma Hog hunt: Day 1

Last Friday morning at 6AM, 8 guys from Garmin loaded into two vehicles and headed to Oklahoma for a three day hog hunt.  We were visiting the Chain Ranch in Canton, Oklahoma, which is in the west-central part of the state.  It is only about a five hour drive from KC, so it was easy to do a weekend trip.  This place is 22,000 acres, which is mostly farm and cattle land.  The lodge was comfortable with a rustic touch and our guide, Justin, was a nice guy.  The lodge has hunting, fishing, and shooting ranges.

We arrived at the lodge and quickly unpacked to get ready for the afternoon hunt.  Justin told us about what to expect and where we would be hunting.  He said with the heat the hogs are nearly 100% nocturnal and only show up in the last 10 minutes of light.  He said the hogs do not have sweat glands, so they have to keep cool throughout the day.  There were 8-10 ground blinds in a 160 acre “low fence” area.  The “low fence” was set up so the hogs could not get out, but everything else could.  The hogs are all wild hogs that came from being trapped from the other 22,000 acres of the Chain Ranch.  Justin estimated that there were hundreds of hogs in those 160 acres, so the odds of seeing something are good.  He said the average for most groups is that 90% of hunters see something and 40% shoot something.  He said some miss and some are picky about what they shoot: some only want big hogs and some only want smaller hogs (~100lbs) that taste better.  I was not picky; I wanted to shoot my hog, so I could get to the farm ponds, or I should say farm lakes, that that they also had at the Chain Ranch.  Justin said they were loaded with largemouth and big crappie.  Did I mention I like crappie?

A few pics from my blind:

The afternoon hunt was hot and windy with sustained winds of 30 mph and gusts of 45 mph.  I did not see anything except a few turtle doves, but did hear two shots right at dark.  Dan and Ted each shot a hog.  Dan’s was around 50lbs and Ted’s was around 150lbs.  Ted said he had nearly 40 hogs come out at one time and he said he picked out a medium sized hog.  We went back to the cabin and Justin skinned the hogs and cut them up for the guys while we celebrated.


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