Oklahoma Hog Hunt: Day 2, Cast & Blast

Day 2 Justin told us we would not head out hunting until later in the afternoon again since hunting during the day is not worthwhile.  He said they do not even come out in the morning.  We pushed him for what our chances were and he said 3%.  I guess he knows best because it is in his best interest to take us hunting since he makes money when we shoot hogs.  Instead of hunting, some went to shoot trap and three of us went fishing.  The first cast at the farm pond yielded me a good largemouth bass. 

I thought this might be a good representation of what was to come, but it was a little slow thereafter.  Everyone caught a couple largemouth here and there, but still no one had hooked up with a crappie.  Justin had told me that there was crappie in there that were two hands long.  I was determined to figure them out.  I rigged up my rods with different lures and one with a slip cork.  I proceeded to work my way back toward the mouth of the pond, which was nearly a quarter mile back in a ravine.  I started catching more and more largemouth as I went. 

I finally got back to where a couple cedar trees had been cut down by a beaver.  Jackpot.  First pitch with my roadrunner yielded a nice black crappie.  I sat at that spot for almost a half hour and caught a fish every cast.  I was catching crappie and largemouth.  Once it slowed down, I moved on and started catching again.  The guys sent Joe, who was the 10 yr old son of Chris, down to find me.  When he got there, I let him catch a couple.  By this time, the two jig bodies that I had brought were completely destroyed from so many fish.  We went back and told the guys about it and reloaded with more gear.  We went back to the mouth of the pond and caught fish for the next two hours.  What a blast!

We returned to the cabin around 4:30PM Saturday afternoon to quickly get ready to head out to the ground blinds.  Around 6:30, the feeders kicked on to shell out some corn.  At 6:45, I glanced up and saw a pig standing on the edge of the timber.  He was not moving to the feeder – he was just cutting the corner.  I had never shouldered a rifle that fast.  I squeezed off a shot at him on when he paused just as he was leaving the clearing.  He didn’t fall in his tracks like I thought he would.  My 300 win mag typically does the job.  I was bummed since I thought I might have just missed my opportunity.  I sat the rest of the night and saw a couple hogs quickly running under a cedar along the edge, but no shots were presented.  I heard several other shots right at dark again, so I hoped that others had also scored.  The shuttle van came to pick me up around 9PM and I told them that I thought I might have hit something.  We all looked around and we finally saw a blood trail.  It was a pretty good amount of blood, and we found the hog about 50 yards from where I had shot it.  The shot was a good one through the vitals, but the hog still ran that far.  They are so tough.  What a great day and the perfect end to a cast and blast.


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