A Friday Free

Friday found me with a much needed break from working in the office.  I was lucky enough to be invited to fish with two great fishermen who are well known for both their crappie fishing and their BSing abilities, Ron Meeder and “Crappie” Chatt Martin where nice enough to take this “kid” for a day on the lake.

The plan was for us to meet at Green Acres Restaurant just south of Pomona for a quick bite to eat at 7 am and then head off to Melvern for a day of Slabbing. At about 7:05 I received a phone call from Chatt, well we running late, about an hour late. Seems Ron and Chatt had missed their meeting point by about a block, lol ah what can you do.

So after one of the best cinnamon rolls I have had in a long-time off we headed to Melvern.  We were expecting a north wind which made putting in at Eisenhower state park the logical choice. As an added bonus there are a large number of good spawning banks very close to the ramp. We had formulated a plan of starting shallow and working our way out until we found the fish. We started with jigs and minnows set just under the boppers working along the rocky shoreline and ledges. As most good fisherman do, we started by using the electronics to see where the fish are holding. As many of you know Chatt is the local Lowrance expect in the KC are so his boat is loaded with top of the line electronics – HDS 10 depth finders on both the front and back on his boat. We used the side imaging feature to look at the banks for suspended fish, NOTHING. We were seeing nothing at all, but we decided to try a couple of different spots anyway. Well the fish finder rarely lies and it didn’t today. The fish where not on the banks but we continued to grind on them the banks and ridges.

As the morning went on we worked our way out to the brush piles looking for fish and they just where not there for the most part. Finally after 5 banks and 10 to 15 brush piles we found our first pile that was holding fish. Ron and Chatt tried several different methods to pull fish out but it was clear that a single minnow on a lead head was the only way the fish wanted to play. Thanks to Ron, the pattern has been found and code cracked, we found good sized female fish in the brush. I will say that most of the brush piles did not hold fish but with Chatt’s electronics we could quickly look at brush pile and see if it had fish on it or was empty. Most were empty but the quality of down imaging showed us the fish when they were on the pile. It also showed us that they were all at the upper most part of the branches in 8 to 12 ft down in brush piles in 14 to 25 ft of water.

Water temperatures ranged from 72 in the very back of turkey creek to 66 on the main lake. A minnow on a lead head was main bite today as they had no interest in jigs for the most part. Again and great day on the water and we showed that persistence pays off.  Thanks for a great day guys!

~ Nick

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