Solo Sunday


It seems that everyone is being good husbands or fathers today so I am flying solo. My wife had a movie planned with a gal pal and there was no chance I was setting at home watching the grass grow. That meant that Dakota and I loaded up the boat about 10 am and headed off to Pomona Reservoir for an afternoon on the water.

We got to the Ramp about 11:30 and by 11:45 I had the spider rigs out and the spread deployed. I spent a few minutes talking to some people fishing from shore and I was not excited to hear that they were not catching anything. I proceeded to fish for the next 4 hours in all depths from 5 to 12 ft, brush and no brush. It didn’t seem to matter they just were not there. I picked up a few small fish here and there and a few white bass but nothing of substance.

At this point I was plumb worn out, but I wasn’t giving up yet. I remember what we had figured out at Melvern on Friday and figured I had better go find some deep brush piles. Well this time the plan paid off.  I found a pile in 25 ft of water and dropped a minnow down 20 feet. Slam and 12 inch fish, at this point I just have to feel like Homer Simpson – DOOHH. You would think I would have been smart enough to figure it out a little earlier and take what I learned on Friday and apply it today which I did, it only took 4 hours.

I spent the next hour on the pile boating 35+ fish with a big female of just under 14 who was just starting to show. Again the water was 72 degrees in the back of cove and 64 on the main lake, did I mention that the air temp of 92 when I left the lake. I am really starting to believe that water temp is not the main trigger for the spawn because they should be on shore by now it’s so warm. The final pattern was a single hook with a minnow. I tried jigs in the pile once I found the fish but it just never seems to produce as good. Looks like as of close Sunday they are still deep.


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