Melvern Quick Hit

Jeff & I were craving some crappie after catching white bass the last couple of outings so we made a quick trip to Melvern the other evening.  We’ve been hearing mixed reports about whether the crappie were moving shallow yet, still out deeper suspended, or hanging out around the brush piles.  There is only one way to know for sure….try them all.  I guess the recent colder weather pushed them back off the banks, and although we caught a few shallow, and a few suspended, the deeper brush piles (15-20 feet of water) definitely produced the best.

Jeff with a Melvern Double

A few were caught on jigs, but once again, the minnow bite was the key.  The crappie were not very aggressive and seemed to want to study the bait for a while before biting, but towards dust they did start to bite a little faster.  The weather was cool, lower 50’s and the wind was out of the East at 10 mph.  Overall we probably caught around 150 fish with 30 of them over the 10” limit and a dozen between 12 and 13”.   I’ll take that any day of the week!


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