Hiding from the WIND

Sunday was a blustery, cool spring day with wind speeds over 20 mph out of the North, the result of a cold front that dropped in on us, but Nick and I didn’t want to cancel any crappie fishing plans we had already made for the afternoon.  So we followed the lead of many experienced anglers we know and tried to hide from the wind up in the Dragoon creek above Pamona reservoir.  As far as the wind goes, it was a pretty good choice as long as you stayed on the East-West running sections of the river.  Since there hadn’t been much if any recent rainfall the water clarity was pretty good for a river and with a bucket of minnows and a box of jigs we thought we might be able to find a few fish.

The Dragoon

Our first stop was a small old tree lying in the creek in 2-4 feet of water.  Not a minute later, Nick is pulling a nice 12” male crappie into the boat.  I think he had another even before I could get the boat tied up.  In less than 10 minutes we landed about 8 or 9 nice fish off that little spot.

A pair of Dragoon Crappie

In hind sight I don’t know if a great start like that is a good thing or a bad thing.  It sure set our expectations high because we were convinced that every laydown would hold similar fish, but to our discouragement, that little spot would prove to be the highlight of the afternoon.  We worked over every piece of cover we could find for the rest of the day, but could never find more than one or two fish at any given hangout.  Considering the cold front that was working against us, I feel pretty good about our total catch of 17 nice crappie and a couple of big white bass for some added excitement.    Don’t forget about these creeks and rivers for a good spot to hide from the wind when fishing open water isn’t an option!



  • Keith says:

    Great write up! Are you putting your boat in at Highway 75 or are you coming up the river from the main lake? I have not fished the Dragoon before and have no idea where to go. Can I get west of highway 75 with a boat?

    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      Keith we did put in on 75. There is a nice ramp just to the east of the highway on the south side. You can go several miles both ways just watch out for stumps and laydowns. Good luck and let us know how you do.

      ~ Nick

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