Boys Night Out

After all the ball games and activities of a busy Saturday were wrapped up, Jeff and I packed up some snacks & dinner and headed out to Hillsdale reservoir with our boys, Thomas and Kale, for an afternoon of father-son fishing.  The plan was to get some minnows and start out with bobbers trying to catch some of the crappie that were starting to build spawning nests up in the shallows and then towards dark maybe do some trolling for white bass which can provide some fast and furious actions.  It took a couple of stops before we found a ‘hot’ bank where the crappie were biting, but once we found an area the action was plentiful for the next hour or so.  A simple gold hook and sinker set about two feet below a bobber is a perfect set up for kids and spawning crappie.










Kansas Redfish (Drum)





The big fish award went to Kale for landing this large 5# drum, but Thomas earned the Big Catch award by (nearly) landing a monster 30+ pound Snapping Turtle!!  Fortunately, the hook popped out on its own while we were trying to figure out something to do, but unfortunately, it was just before we could snap a picture of this prehistoric reptile.

The crappie bite did eventually slow down for us but that just signaled that it was time to start trolling for the evening feeding white bass.  Once again, the whites did not disappoint.  I bet we landed 50+ fish in the next hour and a half.  We had those two boys reeling in fish as fast as they could at times.

As Jeff pointed out, the boys are starting to get pretty proficient and it won’t be too long until our job is reduced to simply driving the boat while they do all the catching by themselves.  I’m sure we will be just as happy then too.

It was all smiles this trip!    – Eric

A Great Ending!

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