Slow Bite until it Rained

Adam and I head out to HD this afternoon hoping to dodge the storms. The report has been mixed with the fish up shallow on the spawning banks some days and none to be found anywhere the next day. So with high hopes and knowing that storms would be around today we headed out in search of fish at our home lake Hillsdale Reservoir. When you know that it’s going to storm while you’re on the water it’s always comforting to know the ramps and the lake so that’s why we opted to stay close.

We got on the water and started fishing about 2:30 with only middle over cast sky. First thing on our agenda was to check the spawning banks up Scott’s creek. We worked a few rock banks and a other lay downs for the first 45 minutes with no luck. As our second options we spoke out the spider rigs and hit the first brush pile we could find. Right away we picked a few fish but none were keepers so we kept on moving. We worked over the rest of Scott’s creek picking up 2 keepers but no real hot bite, on the plan3.

Our third option was to try a deeper rock pile that males really like to spawn on and sage at for the pre-spawn. Nothing, were the heck are these things.  At this time the clouds are starting to darken but I had one more trick up my sleeve. A group of brush piles in 13 ft of water that I have not fished yet this year. Right as we pulled up the skies started to open up a little, nothing heavy just a nice little rain. Adam and marked the pile and tossed out the rigs, nothing. Well let’s give it a minute; we stayed in the same spot looking at fish on the graph. I can see you!!! Then the rain opened up and so did the crappie. We caught 25 fish in 20 minutes with 16 of them being keepers. Then off in the distance the thunder started. Adam looked at each other and said well it’s been fun and we headed to shore. We got the boat loaded and just as we pulled to the guard house the sky’s opened up, what timing.

Today the water was 66 degrees and the water was very clear for all the rain we have had. The bite was minnows in the brush piles in 10 to 15 ft of water. We caught both males and females out of the same piles. It’s looks like they are getting close spawning, the females are getting bloody and close. I think they are going to go here in the next few weeks.

~ Nick

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