To Nice to Stay Home

 Today found Jeff and I headed out to Hillsdale for a Friday afternoon sneak out. With the temperatures about 80 with a light over cast and very little wind how could you stay inside?

We hit the water about 2 pm and fished till about 5 today. Since the last few weeks the bite for us has bite has been in the brush I thought that’s where we should start. The plan today was to spider rig minnows in brush from 7 to 15 ft of waters. The main lake water temp was 73 today and the water had 3 ft of visibility, very clear.

Our first stopped I had a minnow in the water for all of 20 seconds when my rod stated bouncing so I set the hook. IT DIDN”T MOVE! The result was this nice 22 inch walleye Jeff helped me net – 30 seconds one nice fish, that’s what I can  a good start. 

After all that commotion we finally made it our first brush pile and sure enough crappie on. The bite was slow but steady with us working our way up a line of brush. Finally we worked our way up to a big pile Adam and I put in 4 weeks ago that also has a nice tree lying on top of a break just yards away. Jeff and I worked the break first and it was loaded with fish as well as the new tree we put in. After the smoke cleared we had 23 keepers ranging from 10 to 13 inches.  Not a bad day for short mid day trip.


As a quick side note I fished the same place last Saturday and had the same success. The difference today was the fish we caught today are mostly females that are half spawned out were last week they were all still full of eggs. Looks like this week they started actually doing the dance. We also caught several males in 15 ft of water with good color. Crazy fish this year.




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