Melvern Crappie Camp Kansas

The last few days have been the Kansas Camp out at Melvern Reservoir. With work and family I was not able to attend the camping portion of this event but with my wife spending Saturday afternoon with mom and some gal pals I was free to make my way over to Melvern to fish the afternoon and way and stop for the Sat evening fish fry.

I was able to hit the water about 1 pm and my plan for today was to find new brush piles in a new part of the lake that I have never fished. So I headed to a rocky point on the north side of Melvern and started using my graph to look for new piles. I started deep in 20 ft of water and worked my way in to 10 ft. After a short search I found 4 groups of brush all in a small area. I marked them with buoys and started fishing and it didn’t take long for the crappie to show up.

My first spot was a pile in 12 ft of water and sure enough they were there. I started pulling in 12 inch fished with several 13’s mixed in, the bite was solid and so was the size. I wasn’t planning on keeping any fish but I wanted to see how long it would take me to get so I threw the fish over 12 in the live well just for fun.  On the first stop along I have 14 keeper crappie and 8 over 12 in less than 30 minutes of fishing.

Once the bite died I want head up turkey creek and work that area over. Already have a very successful day I spent most of the next two hours looking for brush piles in new water and I am proud to say I found over 25 new spots to fish today. Once I had my fill I figured I should spend the last 30 minutes using the rest of my minnows. Well the new piles paid off with a lot of nice fish.

The water temp today was about 70 degrees with the fish being mostly in the brush piles. The temp was around 68 with a NE wind at 15 to 20.

After the fishing was over I headed over to turkey creek to meet up with the group. What a bunch of great guys. As always they were more than willing to share their success of the day and you can always pic up a tip or two on where and how to fish for big slabs.

As it always is in Kansas another great day on the water!

~ Nick

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