Solar Eclipse!

Sunday's solar eclipse looked something like this in Eastern Kansas

Those of us outside on Sunday evening, May 20th were treated to a beautiful partial solar eclipse.  At least it was a partial eclipse here in Kansas.  Not that I’ve ever been one to follow the “Solunar Fishing Tables” but the fish just have to be biting during an Eclipse, right?  At least it should be a good excuse to go try it out.  OK, since Nick, Jeff, and I all had a free afternoon we would have gone fishing regardless, but it was an interesting question.  We’ve been anxious to get back to Melvern and try fishing some of the new brush piles that Nick recently located and see if they were still holding some big crappie.  The north wind was blowing, so we stayed on that side of the lake most of the afternoon to stay somewhat sheltered as we began minnow rigging some piles.  The first couple of stops didn’t produce but a handful of small crappie, but the 4th and 5th brush piles we fished really gave up some fish!  I think we spent the next two or three hours hovering over the tops of these two piles in roughly 14-17 feet of water pulling crappie out almost as fast as we could sink our minnows down.  The action was fast and steady – so much so that we forget to get some action photos to share.  By 7:00 we had just over 40 keeper crappie (10” min.) between the three of us and we estimated another 4 times that many that had to go back.  Nick and Jeff had the hot hands that night and pulled in most of the fish, including all the ‘big’ ones – several of which were pushing 14 inches.


Thanks to some bass fisherman that tipped us off to the fact that white bass were hanging out near us, we also got to sit in the same spot and throw heavy road runner jigs to the banks for some bonus white bass action.  You had to bounce the jig along the bottom where it dropped into deeper water to get the best bite.  I think we caught nearly two dozen nice white bass on top of all the crappie action.    So I guess I’m going to give the Solar Eclipse the thumbs up for fishing!  Too bad we have to wait until 2014 for the next one!

– Eric

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