Trolling Some Crank Baits


With the crappie bite having been really good lately, one would think I would be crazy to abandon that and try something new.  Well, when do I ever really to the easy thing?

I had a free evening tonight with a couple of hours to kill so I headed over to Hillsdale Resivior to try so some trolling. I figured I could catch some whites and some walleye but I was not sure if I could find the crappie since I have not trolled for them this year. My first stop was off of appoint that had deep water on both side and broke off into 20ft in either direction. With the wind blowing directly across it, this always seems to be a good spot for some eyes and some whites. Tonight was the night for the walleye to shine. I used multiple different crank baits that ranged from thin fins to bomber A model and worked back and forth across the point catching fish.  Most of the eyes came from on top of the point in 4 ft of water our on the upside side of the point in 10 to 10 ft. There were no real big fish, just lots of solid 15 to 17 inch eyes.

The crappie where suspended off the edge of the point chasing shad. One of the best parts of trolling for crappie is it weeds out the little fish for the most part. Crappie are reaction feeders so when they see a crank bait go whizzing bye they will strike at instinctively.

All in all I caught a good number of walleye, crappie and whites. Just another great day in KS.

~ Nick

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