Father and Son day At Melvern with a Tagalong

First and foremost, thank you to all of our friends that are Veterans – especially our fellow outdoorsman Jeff Davis. Second, Happy Memorial Day to everyone that stops by and joins us in our adventures.

Today found Eric and his son Kale going out to Melvern for a little father-son time.  They were nice enough to let me join them for some outdoor time. My lovely wife and I spent the last few days on a short vacation in the California area and I needed some Kansas outdoors time after that many days in and around the big city.

It sounded like Kale was so excited to go fishing with dad today that he even skipped the post season soccer swim party – now that’s dedication! Kale’s plan today was to fish for crappie, then after that fish for some walleye – and if time allowed maybe white bass… so who are Eric and I to argue with him?  With a hard west wind blowing at over 20 mph we started off the day dipping and rigging minnows over brush piles up Turkey Creek.

We worked over several different piles, and with the Memorial Day weekend boat traffic, all of the summer time warriors were out in force.  Each pile produced a good number of throwback fish with only a few keepers mixed in. So with all the different piles up turkey creek we decided to keep on moving. Kale was doing a great job of catching dinks but kept telling me we could do better, so again, who are we t to argue with him.

Our next stop was a ledge with three piles in a row spaced about 20 yards apart from each other. The bite was slow but Kale and Eric were staying on them so we grinded through the piles three or four times each, which produced 35 keepers with about 90 throw backs. Kale did a great job reeling them in.

Next we were on to trying for some walleye per Kale’s request. Plan of attack was a new one for me. We re-rigged some of the rods and tossed out the slow death rigs. This was my first time trying these hooks, so I was excited to get one in the water and see what it produced.  The only problem was that the wind died – and I mean dead calm – which is not exactly ideal walleye conditions. But it didn’t take long for a pattern to show itself. Eric and Kale quickly tag-teamed a nice 15 incher and I had my first on a slow death rig shortly thereafter. We found them in 5 ft of water on the edge of the breaks.  The only problem was we could not keep Kale from casting and catching white bass which were surfacing, chasing shad all around the boat.

After Kale caught his third fish in only a few minutes, I lost Eric, and after he caught a few, Kale decided to abandon the walleye effort and work on catching some whites. So we spent the next couple of hours trolling crank baits, looking for the roaming schools of white bass. Kale had great success pulling a sassy shad about 15 feet behind the boat and Eric and I had a mix of thin fin shallow divers and twister tailed grubs. We did well on shallow running Thin Fins, which seem to be a steady lure for white bass in most lakes. We ended up pulling off of Melvern as the sun was setting after a great day of fishing. 120+ crappie, 30+ white bass and a half dozen Walleyes – another great day fishing in Kansas.

~ Nick


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