LaCygne – Sunday 6/10

After teaming up last Sunday for some new fishing tactics, Jeff & I decided to try it again.  This time the wind was blowing 20+ mph all day and wouldn’t allow for any effective crappie fishing, so we loaded the boat and headed down to LaCygne lake to search for anything that might be biting.  A few throws of the cast net caught us some small shad and bluegill for bait.  We’ve been wanting to try a new tactic and this trip we used the wind to drift us over the points dragging a three way swivel rig with a heavy weight on one end, and about three foot of leader and a hook baited with cut shad or bluegill on the other.  It took a couple of passes before we found the fish on our sonar and we figured out the best drift routes to put us over them, so it was a bit of a slow start.  We have always heard about people having good success drifting for catfish and wipers, but we hadn’t tried this method before and did not really know what to expect.  The pictures below though really tell the rest of the story:

Jeff with a nice Wiper

Eric's 22" Largemouth Bass


We caught this pair at the same time - that was fun trying to land both of those!

In total, we caught 6 wipers (three over 20”), about 10 catfish the largest of which was 4 lbs., and a huge 22” largemouth bass for a bonus.  I know this is one tactic that we will be trying again, soon.  As a side note, when Jeff catches a wiper, just reel in all your other rods right away unless you really like tying on new rigs – I’ve never seen anyone grab the knife and cut lines that fast.  No crossed or tangled lines are going to keep him from landing his catch!!


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