Melvern 6/9/12

We hit Melvern on Saturday morning looking for a day of hot crappie action.  I took a buddy from work, Chris, and his son, Joe.  We had an excellent trip down to Melvern last year and Joe had been asking his dad when we would do it again.  I love to take kids fishing, so it was all of the arm twisting I needed. 

I bought a pound of minnows from Minnesota bait in KC on Friday afternoon to be prepared for the slaughter on Saturday morning.  From previous experiences at Melvern, lots of minnows are required due to hungry slabs.  I kept the minnows overnight in the oxygenated bag in my refrigerator and they kept great.  At 5:10AM on Saturday morning we loaded the minnows into a cooler with ice and headed down to Melvern. This was my first time back to Melvern this year, which is a disappointment in itself. 

I went to the first brushpile that Eric and I named “Old Faithful” because it has give up so many slabs in the past.  Unfortunately, this pile must be getting old, because there was not much left of it.  We moved down to another pile that I knew of and the first drop into the pile started producing crappie.  Unfortunately, the size is not consistently as good this year as it was last year.  This is consistent with the KDWP fishing forecast.  However, the future looks great because there were A LOT of 9.5-9.9 inch fish.  We caught hundreds of fish.  We went through every minnow we had in the cooler and a lot of minnows were reused and caught numerous fish.  What a day on the water.  We were able to catch our three limits of nice crappie so Chris could fill up his freezer.  I think he still might be cleaning fish.  I can’t wait to get down to Melvern again soon.



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