Kentucky Lake 2012 – Slabfest

I was lucky enough to make it down to Kentucky Lake this year.  A life-long best friend of mine recently moved to Southern Indiana and convinced me to drive over and join him for a long weekend on the #2 lake in the country for catching crappie.  We brought our dad’s along for the trip to join in on the fun.

All I can say about Kentucky Lake is “wow!”.  It is so big and so are the fish.  It is overwhelming to approach a lake of this size and have any idea where to start fishing.  We tried to hit the spawn perfectly, and from a water temperature perspective, we did.  The water temp was mid 60’s, which is perfect for spawning crappie.  However, we had a fairly significant cold front come through that shut everything down and pushed the fish out to deeper water.


We set up our spider rigging gear and had long poles going everywhere.  We had my dad’s boat, which allows us to run 8 rods off the front and 8 rods off the back.  The Kentucky game and fish has put lots of fish attractors in the lake, but the lake was so low that they were all sticking out of the water.  The lake does not have an abundance of natural structure (at least the part we were in), so we searched for areas that would hold fish.  We primarily fished the mouth of the famous Blood River and our best luck came on major channel breaks and bends.  Fish seemed to be stacked in these locations.  There was also an abundance of rock in these areas and we were catching some dark males, which makes me wonder if they were spawning in the middle of the lake.  We heard from a local guide that they do spawn in the middle of the lake.

We fished hard for four days and consistently caught fish, but not a lot of fish like I expected.  The size was excellent.  The last day was the highlight of the trip.  We hired a guide to take the dad’s out to catch a lot of fish.  Jeremy and I went back to Blood River to try our luck there.  At the end of the day, the dad’s had caught 15 keepers with the guide and we had 36 fishing by ourselves.  The last fish of the day and the trip was a 16.5” white crappie.  It weighted 2.5lbs and was my personal best.  What a way to end an excellent trip!


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