Melvern on Fire

I had a great talk with a friend I know about the outdoors over his lunch today which ended up in us going over some of my old posts and I couldn’t take it, I had to get outside. So, after work Adam and hurried down to Melvern to do some crappie fishing. We stopped at the BP in Hillsdale and loaded up on minnows for the assult, they gave us a great minnow count and we were off.

With a hard southeast wind today we opted to put in on the south side at arrow rock ramp and start working brush piles within a half mile of the ramp and the bite didn’t disappoint. Today we only worked two brush piles dropping single minnows into the piles on a plain gold hook with ½ ounce weight. The piles we fished where in 12 to 18 ft of water and let’s just say it was a bad day to be a minnow.

Adam and I went through 12 dozen minnows in less than 2 hours and boated 175 fish. We did keep only the fish over 12 inches and the final result was 21 keepers. Now that’s a great evening in Kansas.

~ Nick

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