HD 6/29 – Hotter than Hades

Thursday afternoon I had just gotten back from a business trip from Minnesota.  We had been talking about fishing non-stop all week and I couldn’t take anymore.  I had an itch for the thump of a crappie and the last second trip to the local, over-fished rez was going to scratch it.  The weather forecast called for a 106 degrees and it said 103 when I pulled in the parking lot. 

Eric joined me in my dad’s boat and we decided to give the Big Bull a try.  I have wanted to learn the Big Bull for a long time, but just have not dedicated any time to it.  Eric and I started out by looking for good trees that might hold fish.  We went from tree to tree dipping each one.  Some held a couple dinks and some held a keeper or two.  There were a couple that were loaded with nice slabs.  I marked these on the GPS for next time.  We tried deep and shallow, but our best and most consistent pattern was deep water on hardwoods.  We went through six dozen minners in no time.  I decided I better do a count and found out that ironically we had 39 keepers in the box – one short of a two man limit.  We had two minners left and Eric pulled in one final 13″ keeper.  What a way to end a great day!


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