Trout Fishing the Piney River – Colorado Style

Many of you wouldn’t know it by reading this website, but one my most favorite things to do is get up early in the morning and watch a trout take a dry fly on a glass surface.  Last year I was extremely fortunate to be invited on a world class trout fishing trip with one of my father-in-law’s good friends, Greg Allen. This year Greg was nice enough to invite me on a second trip over the 4th of July while I was in Colorado.

The plan for today was to fly fish the West Piney River (west side of the continental divide) just north of Edwards, Colorado. The land we were fishing today is part of the Home Waters Club and our guides for the day where Joel and John.

After the short drive to the Piney River we arrived to a picture perfect morning in Colorado, sunny skies and no wind to speak of. Our plan was to split up and work our way up the river, leap frogging one another through the different holes that held fish until the water temperature reached 68 degrees. At 68 degrees trout become stressed, and when fishing for such a worthy trophies we like to practice strict catch and release so as not to harm any fish.

Unfortunately for John, he was stuck babysitting the newbie for most of the day – but he pushed through and we had a great time together. After a few minutes of warming up I waded into the first hole I was going to fish not knowing what to expect in the narrow, shallow fast running river. It didn’t take long for the first of many trout to rise to my fly. I missed the first one but another rose within a few casts and the fight was on.

5 lb Rainbow


For the next 4 hours John and Greg helped me work my way up the river catching fish at about ever stop.  The size of fish ranged for 4 inches to one over 22 inches and 5 pounds. Each fish provided its own little bit of excitement no matter if took the dry fly on top or the midge/nymph dropper tandem fished a foot below the fly. As noon approached, so did the magic number of 68 degrees. On my last cast of the day John helped me land this nice 16 inch ‘bow, a perfect example of the great fish we caught in the Colorado water. With John’s great help this KS kid only lost one fish all day that we hooked into.

Greg, John and Justin, thanks for a great day on the water for this Kansas Outdoorsman.

~ Nick

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