Truman for the 4th – Filling the freezer

I took an extended five day vacation this year for the 4th of July and spent it with my parents at their lake house at Lake of the Ozarks.  With daily highs of 100+ degrees it was hot out, but the fishing was even hotter.  Crappie in the morning and catfish in the afternoon was our agenda.  My dad had a big fish fry planned, so we had a challenge to fill the freezer.

We caught limits of crappie every day we went out on Truman.  The first and last day were spent on the upper grand where the monsters live.  The rest of the days we spent our time below the cut at Bucksaw.  The upper grand did give up a nice 15” slab on a channel bend the first day.  The bite was a little slower up there, but you never know when you might catch a fish of a lifetime.

The catfish bite was extremely good.  We were running jugs in the afternoon and at night.  We were also drifting cut shad on the channel breaks.  The blue cats were hungry.  We caught lots of 5-10lb blue cats and the last day we scored a good one.

The week was non-stop fun, but non-stop heat.  The only way to stay cool while we were fishing was to have towels in the cooler that we could put on our head and neck.  They worked great!  Kenzie even liked them. 

We put in 20 new pieces of structure and built some new bluegill traps so we could catch bait for flat heads.  The bluegill traps didn’t produce very well in the lake, but I know they would do well in a farm pond.



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