Golden: An Historic Performance in American Olympics

Not a typical post here at Kansas Outdoorsman, but a pretty relevant one nonetheless. In the event you were not watching – or perhaps you were, and happened to miss this, because, well, it really didn’t get much press – Olympian Kim Rhode did something no American has ever done before. Kim has medaled in FIVE straight Olympics. A good friend of the KS Outdoorsman and outdoor writer David Zumbaugh put this out for release.

As anticipated by target shooting enthusiasts, one of the greatest Olympic accomplishments in the celebrated history of the games was mostly ignored by media coverage. Kim Rhode became the first U.S. athlete to medal in five consecutive Olympiads. Kim broke 99 out of 100 clay targets to earn the gold in the Women’s Skeet Competition in London. NBC did not even break into other TV coverage to give a brief announcement of this spectacular win and the KC Star buried it on page 6 in the Monday Sports Section.

While skeet shooting is certainly not as popular in today’s culture as women’s gymnastics or swimming, shouldn’t world class performance and accomplishments also be showcased?
Shooting sports have been included in the Olympics since the modern games began in 1896, and have continued with only 2 exceptions. Skeet has qualified as an event 21 times (84 years) and has been nationally popular for both men and women for over one hundred years. Another woman made a similar Olympic target game by the name of “trap”, wildly popular. Ever hear of Annie Oakley? Kim Rhode is an amazing champion and should be acknowledged as a true American hero.

– David Zumbaugh

While live media coverage may have been a bit lacking, the USA Today had a nice article here. Kim, from the State of Kansas, congratulations! We’d certainly be proud to honor you as the Olympic Champion that you are here at one of our Ducks Unlimited Trap shoots any day… Or just get you out on some ducks. I know a couple of us could use some shooting tips 🙂

~ benton

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