Fishing with my Nephew

Fishing with my Nephew

For my 100th post here on the outdoorsman what’s a better way to do that than to spend some good quality time fishing with my nephew Chase Jones! Chase is 5 years old and just learning to enjoy the outdoors. He’s still not always sure about this whole fishing thing, but is always ready to be right there by my side.

Today we were at my parents’ house at Lake of the Ozarks enjoying the nice 103 degree heat. The plan when it gets this hot is to fish in the middle of the dock in the shaded areas. It’s real simple; take a number 2 gold hook and split shot weight that’s heavy enough to get your minnow to fall slowly down the water column, which is key. The crappie suspend about 10 ft under the dock and if they see an injured minnow slowing falling down in front of them, they are almost always going to take advantage of the easy meal, and today they were hungry. Chase and I spent about 20 minutes catching a crappie on about every drop. There wasn’t anything special – technique-wise – that we did, nor did we keep anything, but watching him reel them in and smile at every fish was worth its weight in gold.



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