Float Line Fishing for Channel Cat Fish

Float Line Fishing for Channel Cat Fish

Adam and I have been having some good success the last few months float lining for Channel Cats. We decided today to give it one more run before the start of crappie and doves season really slows down our desire to do other things.

We meet at Hillsdale today after work, and after a very long search for shad we were off to fish Hillsdale Point with float lines and tip ups. Hillsdale is one of 8 lakes in Kansas where you are allowed to use float lines or jugs. The goal today was to put live shad on two different types of jugs. One being a tip up that was designed to show you when you have fish on, and the other being a simpler floating jug.

With the wind being next to nothing, it was a perfect evening to just sit back and relax and wait for the cats to come to us. The action was nothing of great pace but enough to keep us moving most of the evening. In this quick video Adam shows you the design for the two different jugs we used.


Here are a couple of quick tips we have learned over the last few years.

1. The important part of float line fishing is to find an area where you can keep the float just off the bottom where the cat fish are feeding.

2.Don’t put out more jugs than you can get to – if they all have fish on them you may miss most of your bites.

3.You also want to check your jugs on a regular basis to make sure each one still has bait so limiting your number of jugs is an important part of plan, we have learned that one hard way.

4.Keep them close together – especially in the wind. That way you can get from one jug to the next quickly.

5. You can use any type of bait, just make sure it stays on you hook.

6. Use circle hooks so you don’t gut hook your fish

We have learned this year that the tip ups work better for blue cats at Lake of the Ozarks and the regular floats work better for channel cat. This is a great way to put some extra fish in the boat and great way to get the kids out and excited about a new way to fish.

~ Nick

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