Sunday Afternoon on Hillsdale

The heat wave has finally broken in Kansas and Jeff and Eric had a great plan to get out and do some float line fishing for Channel Cats and end the day trolling for some whites. Lucky for me there was room enough in Jeff’s boat for me to tag along.

We got out to HD mid afternoon and after the usual hunt for shad of we went to do our float (rod and reel) along the damn. It only took one float for to realize that cats were not hanging out here. On our way back toward HD point we had a stranded boat waive us down. They asked us for a toe and since we have all been there at some point we gave them a quick pull back. After that 20 minute detour we were back after the cats. We made two floats and caught 5 fish… not the bite we were looking for.

After a quick debate we decided to scrap the cat fish idea and go looking for some white bass on the windblown points. It didn’t take long to locate a scattered school of fish just off one of the points. We pulled sassy shads, deep diving rattling thin fins and shallow running thin fins. Tonight the deep diving thing fin running 5 to 7 feet along the bottom produced the biggest fish and the most strikes.

As the sunset on a great evening we headed back to the ramp. A great evening in Kansas.


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