But it was a Dry Rain

After work today Adam and I headed out to Hillsdale Reservoir to try our luck with some crappie. After stopping to get minnows we got out on the water about 5:30 and headed for a brush pile that has magically appeared earlier this year in about 15 ft of water.

After a quick run over the pile with our electronics we noticed a large concentration of fish on the outside/deep edge of the pile. We started by dropping minnows to the outside edge right on the bottom and as planned we started catching fish right away.

Adam was fishing a minnow below a half ounce egg sinker with a gold number 2 hook. I was using a minnow on a 1/8 ounce orange jig head with no jig body. As the graph showed, the fish were concentrated on the outside edge of the brush pile. We would drop our minnows to the bottom of the pile and then let them float into the side of the brush. I didn’t seem to take long for a fish to hit it as the action of fast and very steady. As a side not our bigger fish came almost exclusively from the jig head tipped with a minnow and not from the gold hook. We also tried jigs but they didn’t produce a single bump fished 6 inches from a minnow.

We spent the next two hours on the water and finished with over 20 keepers. It was a hot bite with lots of fishing all coming from the same brush pile.

On the trip back we thought we should give Kinzie a little exercise by letting her swim the last 400 yards back to the ramp. The interesting part of the day was the rain. It rained on us the entire time we were there but neither of us ever got wet. Both of our shirts stayed dry as the boat it’s self only got kind of wet. I guess when you are in a drought even the rain is a dry one.


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