La Cygne – 8/24

La Cygne – 8/24

Jeff & I made a quick trip to La Cygne lake last Friday evening to enjoy the welcome cooler temperatures so see what might be biting.  After netting some shad for bait we tried drifting for catfish with limited success.  Our first drift only produced a couple of small channel cats and a 3 or 4 small white bass, but more importantly resulted in the loss of numerous bait rigs – it seems we found every rock & stick in that part of the lake!  To avoid the snags we went to graph the submerged bridge where we could safely dangle shad down and keep our baits just off the bottom.  We marked a good school of fish and let down the lines.  That school turned out to be a whole bunch of small catfish!  There weren’t too many big enough to keep in that bunch, but it was non-stop action for about an hour until….zinnnnggg, the familiar sound of the drag singing as a big wiper tried to pull a rod into the water.    He put up a great fight and was a nice break from the ‘dinks’.




Not to be outdone, Jeff hooked into another giant about an hour later.  This time it was a 20# Flathead that inhaled his bait.  I enjoyed a nice 10 minute break while Jeff battled the beast – his biggest rod & reel catfish to date.






Jeff’s Hummingbird sonar with down imaging produced some very nice pictures of the bridge.  Check out the detail and the difference between the corresponding sonar image and the down imaging screen:


What a great evening and a couple of huge ‘bonuses’ to top it off!


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